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About Gloire Tech

Gloire Tech is young and dynamic SharePoint service providing company based in Ahmedabad, India. Gloire Tech has a range of SharePoint developers who could serve your SharePoint Consultation for any requirement. Gloire Tech has successfully agreed many SharePoint clients with a great satisfaction ratio.

About Content Slider tools in Office 365 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation


SharePoint Banner / SharePoint 2010 Sliding Banner / Content Slider tools in Office 365/ Sliding Content in SharePoint is the tool which will be attaching the content to any corner of the page with cool jQuery based plugin.

Gloire Tech Team is trying to provide you the hook functionality like Wordpress Plugins. Same way this tool is designed to make the hooking of Sliding content (Banner) to any SharePoint 2010 / Office 365 based websites. This cool jQuery based solution will look for a specific word on the page (Within PlaceHolderMain) and replace it with the Banner without any Manual Intervention.


Isn't it cool guys!!!


After an extensive experience in SharePoint Office 365 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation / SharePoint 2007, Gloire Tech would like to share this tool for FREE which would be useful for all Internet Facing websites of Office 365 or SharePoint 2010.


Advantages of SharePoint Banner / SharePoint 2010 Sliding Banner / Content Slider tools in Office 365/ Sliding Content in SharePoint


1.       It is a SANDBOX Solution.

2.       Single WSP based solution which loads jQuery which would take over the control of loading contents DYNAMICALLY.

3.       NO WEBPART installation. Only one single Text and our jQuery will take care of it.

4.       No need to write lengthy code to fetch records.

5.       A complete jQuery based solution to get best performance.

6.       In order to make it work for annonymous users give access to the "ContentRotatorContents"


How SharePoint Banner / SharePoint 2010 Sliding Banner / Content Slider tools in Office 365/ Sliding Content in SharePoint Works


1.       The jQuery will check for [Rotator] in the placeholdermain content place holder.


2.       If that's found, then we will replace that with the content rotator (Sliding content).


3.       Following should be the configuration in the Rotator:


a.       If it finds like [Rotator(Top=5)] then it must display top 5 contents (Descending by Publishing date)

b.      If it finds like [Rotator(Cat=Marketing)] It should display all the content of Marketing Category.

c.       If it finds like [Rotator(Cat=Marketing, Top=5)] It should apply both the above conditions.

d.      If it finds like [Rotator(AutoRotate=true)] It should rotate contents automatically.

e.      You can use any combination of above by separing by comma. Like [Rotator(Cat=Marketing, Top=5, AutoRotate=true)], it will apply all above conditions.


4.       There has to be Div with a static ID (Like ReplaceWithButtons) which will be replaced by buttons in content.




Facts and Limitations


1.       The AutoRotation is by default set to true. So if you want to make it false please specify in the parameters (AutoRotate=true)

2.       AutoRotation is set for 5 seconds (As per the best performance we found it!!!)

3.       The List Name MUST be the one which comes by default. You can hide that list from left navigation if you want.

4.       The SlidingButton Images will be available in SupportFileCollection Library. Which could be found at {SiteURL}/SupportFileCollection/images. So if you want you can change those images (hbicon.gif and hbwicon.gif). Please Note: The Names and Extensins has to be same.

5.       Please note: Don't use the space (" ") anywhere in the [Rotator] syntex.

6.       This will not work in the Modal Dialog box.

7.       The default content provided will only work in the root site. This tool will work with any subsite but since we have used Server Relative Path, it (Only the default content) will only work with the root site.


Special Thanks


Gloire Tech Team has used the wslide API for Sliding the Contents. That is the best slider API Gloire Tech found!!!

How to Install


1.       Upload the SPContentSlider.wsp to solution gallery.

2.       Go to Site Features and Activate the "Gloire Tech SharePoint / Office 365 Content Slider Tool" feature.

3.       Done!!! Wasn't that easy?

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